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There are NO charges for collecting, quoting, and returning a repair, arranged during normal business hours, regardless of weather you chose to accept our quotation or not.

There are also NO additional call-out charges for Site Attendance requested during normal business hours.

Out of Hours Emergency Access:

In the case of our services being requested on-line via the relevant forms, and as we will be committing to costs on your behalf immediately, charges are applicable from the point of clicking ‘Submit’, regardless of the final outcome.

Unless you have an alternative agreement in place, these charges will be:

Same day courier collections / deliveries Cost + 30% arrangement fee
Stock access Greater of +10% or £100
Emergency repair services Minimum fee of £100
Standard repair costs + 30%
Site attendance Minimum 3 hours billed
Travel time charged at site rates
Site rates as per our standard offering

In relation to stock access, we can only provide access to stocks held in our Trafford Park warehouse.

If your request cannot be fulfilled by these stocks our staff will contact you make alternative arrangements.

In relation to emergency repairs, whilst all efforts will be made to return your item to you as quickly as possible, our service can sometimes be limited by access to key suppliers, and the availability of the required components from them.

In relation to site attendance, whilst our on-call engineers have a wide range of skills between them, each has areas of speciality. They will all however, assist you to the utmost of their ability in resolving your particular issue.

This is a request for service facility, and every effort has been made to ensure it is a quality service.

It is, by its nature however, bound by the limitations and reliability of the technology employed.

Because of this there can be no guarantee of a response, or a favourable outcome, and as such none can be offered or implied.