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A Siemens 6AP1120 industrial PC based on an i386 processor was received in an ill state of repair from our customer. The item had 5 previous repairs from 2 other vendors and had subsequently failed with power supply, hard drive and software issues.

A new power supply and cooling fan was fitted and it was decided we would use a compact flash device as the primary boot device. This negated the requirement to source and use 15 to 20 year old hard drives, most likely used and probably unreliable. Fortunately, our customer located a handful of 3.5" floppy discs that allowed a full system recovery. The now functional recovered software, successfully cloned, backed up and booting like the machine was new. We keep a backup of cloned discs for the archives that can assist with future breakdowns... If any!

Our customer gave positive feedback from site and subsequently ordered repairs to their 2 other industrial HMI's that were quoted for repair.

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