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One of our large oil industry customers keeps the country running, with a host of bespoke and in some cases obsolete electronic components - In this case a power supply from the late 80's, Bently Nevada 3300 series. These power supplies are not easily swapped out as they are embedded in a bespoke racking system that houses all the major electrical components and equipment.

The primary failure was down to an LT1013 dual precision opamp, incorrectly tracking a particular voltage rail. A full electrical refurbishment will keep the rigs going for the foreseeable future and our customer also has a tried and tested selection of backup devices that can be swapped at a moments notice in the case of a breakdown. Multiple units have been diagnosed, repaired and load tested. 

As can be seen from the picture, the board has got so hot that a black waxy substance has begun to leak from the large electrolytic capacitors on the board.