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What We Repair:


Electronic and electro-mechanical automation equipment.

From PLC's and HMI's, through AC and DC drives, to servo motors and industrial PC's, as well as pretty much everything in between...


All with ISO:9001 assured quality!

Arranging Your Repair:

It couldn't be easier!

Simply call us on the above 0800 number to arrange a collection, and we will do the rest.

Repair Programs:


Over the past 12 years, Technique Services has earned its reputation for precise repairs, and working with its customers in order to solve problems quickly and cost effectively.

3 Repair Solutions are available to meet your needs:

Regardless of the reason for your requirement, Technique Services has a program for you... 

Free Repairs Bin!

Removing the need to box up your repairs.

Request a free repairs bin that we also collect free of charge when you are ready!



In addition to repairing a fault, all units are subjected to a full refurbishement program, replacing a whole host of components known to have a limited life-time.

This effectively makes the unit 'as good as new' and of course a comprehensive 12 Month warranty covers ALL repairs, under ALL Repairs Programs, from Technique Services.