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Your Real-World Motion Distribution Partner

What we do…

Motion Consultancy

Programming motion is world class within the TIA Portal eco-system. But selecting the appropriate mechanical and processing hardware is crucial to achieving the optimal performance and efficiency for your application.

Knowledge and expertise to assist you in making informed decisions…

    • Motion profiling and optimization
    • Servo motor selection and inertia matching
    • Linear actuator and gearbox selection
    • Drive selection and architecture
    • PLC selection and motion processing overhead calculation

Obsolescence Planning

A focus on managing ageing equipment is important to reduce exposure to manufacturing risk.

But technology also evolves and innovates quickly.

Such quick changes can be both costly and intimidating, especially in manufacturing environments where concerns such as capital budget constraints, global competition, information security, rising maintenance costs and safety issues abound.

Planning quickly, minimising the impact of obsolescence, and leverage new technologies…

    • Identifying Risk
    • Developing awareness
    • Creating strategy
    • Managing repairs and monitoring costs
    • Analysing and coordinating upgrades

Analyze MyDrives

Partnering with Siemens, Technique offers the broad framework that allows users to connect their Sinamics drive systems to the Industrial Edge platform. In addition to pure connectivity, the Drive System Framework also allows the management of the drive systems connected to the Edge platform. For example, machine builders and users can change parameters or perform necessary firmware updates.

By connecting Sinamics frequency converters to the Industrial Edge platform, Technique is  helping to pave the way for new business models. With intelligent drive technology, machine builders, for example, can provide user-specific application solutions and digital services or can guarantee the availability of a machine by contract.

Service and Support

Service and support packages tailored to meet specific needs.

Comprehensive services to address any challenges you may encounter…

    • On-site support
    • PLC, Drives and SCADA
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Optional Service Level Agreements
    • Obsolescence Surveys and Criticality Analysis

    We are an entrusted Siemens approved partner…